sitemap India Trip January 2010

India Trip January 2010


These pictures were taken on a trip to central India that started January 1st, 2010, and lasted 18 days.  I traveled with three friends: Roshan, who organized the trip, her son, Ben, and our friend Gloria. We arrived in Delhi and took an overnight train to the magical city of Varanasi, a.k.a., Benares or Kashi. We also visited Sarnath, Khajuraho, Bhartpur, Fathehpur-Sikri, Agra, Jaipur & Mandawa. The pictures are not chronological; only a few are captioned. I did attempt to organize some of them according to the groups in the above navigation bar. However, India  defies categorization;  you must take it as you find it ...  

India: Head On

January 22, 2010